Silkymelody Flowers
handmade accesories
Thank you for visiting my Silkymelody Flowers shop. My name's Larisa Kudrina, and I'm the founder, owner and designer of this brand. I produce exquisite accessories of natural silk for your hair and clothes with my own hands. As a professional artist I've specialized in various silk garments for more than 20 years.
My main inspiration is wild flowers. I use my own technique with a touch of Japanese methodics to create a flower design. I usually start with drawing a natural flower with a pencil and paints. Impressionistic way of painting flower’s details allows me to convey a natural feeling of the real world in its volatility, my momentary impressions, and gain lightness, ease and play of light. I have so much fun cutting each petal, even the tiniest one, out of white fabric with my own hands, coloring with special dyes for silk, and combining separate parts in one to forge an original accessory with high quality materials.
I make accessories with all my passion and love to you, because each lady deserves the very best!
I do it all for women’s hair and clothes to emphasize women’s beauty, express her identity and uniqueness.
Address: 4578 Marmora Road, Glasgow, D04 89GR
Phones: 917 460 5576
We are open: Mn-Fr: 10 am-8 pm