Brief for development a mobile application
Your name is...
Your e-mail
In a few sentences, describe your project
Everything that can be important to create a good mobile app
Application type
What mobile platforms is the application developed for?
Tentative dates of the project launch
Indicative budget
The main purpose of the site
For example, to register an audience for the event
Who is the target audience
Links to your competitors' applications
Links to applications you like
What kind of emotions should an application cause to users
What type of design do you want to get
On a 10 point scale, where 1 is a simple design, 10 high level design
What is the main target action in your application
For example, to have the user buy a product
Write a preliminary structure of the application: main sections, subsections. Briefly describe their functional purpose and describe the content of each section.
Describe the approximate structure of the home page
What functionality should the application have
How many language versions will the application have?
Do I need a personal account connection, if so, what functionality?
Do I need complex shapes or calculators?
Do I need a payment system connection? If yes, which ones?
Do you need integration with third-party services, if yes, with which ones?
What materials for the site is now (texts, photos, videos ...)
Do I need to fill the application with a performer?
Do I need support after launching the application?